Monday, July 26, 2010

Last Post on Blogger

I have managed to move my archive of Blogger posts to my WordPress self-hosted setup. You should check out my new site. Coinciding with the start of Paulina's homeschooling, I have launched a treasure trove of resources. My site includes everything from my posts, to research in gifted educations, my problem sets for Paulina, and even a forum for parents and K12 students to collaborate on math and physics problems.

So, please, visit and enjoy. All the posts from this site have been moved to the new site, which is fully searchable.



Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Moving the Blog

I have decided to continue hosting this blog on my personal server. I have more control over the formatting and other matters. I also am able to host files, which makes it easy for me to share the problem sets I write for Paulina. Visit my new site from now on:

Thanks for reading. Enjoy.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Exercising the Young Mind

I have posted another problem set in my website. The first one on exponents was successful. I got a few questions from Paulina, but she was able to do most of the problems. At least, I was successful in getting her to sit down on her own to think hard for a while.

I made this one a little harder. I wanted Paulina to think carefully about:
  1. the determinants of dimension
  2. how measurements change when enlarging along one, two, or three dimensions
  3. the relationship between volume and area
The last item can get quite complicated. In fact, there is a whole area of research into isoperimetrical inequalities. However, young kids can answer simple questions about the surface area of a solid when the dimensions are changed. For example, how does the surface area of a unit cube change when we double its dimensions?

This problem set is #2 in I recommend using Lego blocks with this problem set.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Starting a Problem Set and Resource Repository

I have decided to write problem sets to supplement my daughter's regular curriculum. My aim is enough difficulty to keep her interested and to avoid frustration. Given the limitations of Blogger, I am hosting these problems sets on my personal server. Since I don't generate RSS feeds from my website, I will announce it here when I post new material. I will collect the following:
  1. Problems sets I write for my daughter
  2. Useful math and science websites. These are resources that offer courses, tools, and other useful stuff
  3. Other educational resources
Check back here often.