Monday, June 7, 2010

The Outcome of Radical Acceleration: The Stanley Kids from the 1980s

I have been looking for evidence for or against radical acceleration, and it occurred to me to search for articles about the 1980s group of precocious kids under the guidance of the late Stanley Julian at Johns Hopkins University. The bottom line is that 70% of the participants seem to have benefited from the program. More importantly, fewer than 10% of participants reported negative impact from acceleration.

Here is the link to a web-based version of a June 1997 article on Stanley's kids from the 1980s. Enjoy.

Take a look a the picture at the top of the article. Amazing... Not a single girl in the group.

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Troy said...

School officials have been giving parents the same, tired line about acceleration harming students' psyche or social development, despite evidence to the contrary. It's time that schools embrace acceleration.

In fact, we should do away with the whole "lock-step" model that we've used for 100 years or so. That model is not suited to today's technology-driven approach. We need an ability-based, not age-based, educational system.